Click2bind is offering a solution to the tedious process of obtaining an insurance quote for your borrower with a cohesive system that works directly with your lending software. With a couple clicks, you can get a real time quote that vets multiple A rated carriers for the best rate in seconds. Lenders can have peace of mind knowing that insurance will no longer delay the origination process.

Our system is customizable to integrate with your LOS system

Click2Bind offers an integrated solution that works with your lending software to provide quotes with minimal effort. A quote can be generated with two clicks. It is both efficient and streamlined to help support your process.

We streamline the insurance process for both you and your borrower

We know that buying a home is wrought with both the intensity of excitement and stress. That is why we have created a program to simplify the process of homeowner insurance for both the lender and the borrower.


Why Click2Bind makes sense


We know that the cost to close a loan is increasing and lenders are looking for ways to stay competitive. Our flexible program allows you to have an edge on the competition without increasing your financial output. Borrowers enjoy the ease of getting an accurate quote without having to search far and wide with different brokers and carriers. Lenders appreciate the simplicity of getting a quote and no longer having to chase down flippant agents who do not respect the timetables of escrow. The program works both for new purchases and refinances and makes it easier to close a loan quickly in a more streamlined fashion.Lenders can now leverage a more full service experience that is a significant add-value to the borrower.

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