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person typing password on home security alarm, security system concept

Alarms will help give you piece of mind… and save money

On every insurance application, there are questions concerning burglar and fire alarms for your home and tracking and security alarms for auto. Therefore, it is highly advisable to have a central reporting fire and burglar alarm for your home. While many folks feel this can be costly or even unnecessary, it will pay dividends in...
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A wrecked car is loaded onto a tow truck after crashing through a brick wall on 17th Ave SW

10 years of High Premiums is Costly

Just recently I was lucky enough to help an old friend shop his home and auto coverage. This is the best part of my job as it allows me to make sure that my loved ones aren’t getting ripped off or paying for coverages they don’t need. In this case, my friend had a DUI...
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Does filing a claim increase car insurance?

Does filing a claim increase car insurance? Whether your insurance rates go up after an accident depends on your insurance company, the circumstances of the accident, and whether you have accident forgiveness — which is when insurers allow good drivers to get in one accident without their rates increasing. When deciding whether to raise your...
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Close up of credit card transaction taking place at a cash register.

What is Embedded Insurance?

EMBEDDED INSURANCE. WHAT IS IT? There is nothing new about the concept of embedding a feature, benefit, or product into the sale/purchase of another product or service. One of the simplest examples is earning “points” through your credit card, as a purchasing tool. The ‘point’ structure and system is a membership plan that you can...
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Workers remove crashed windshield of a car in auto oudoors service

When is it OK to Not File an Insurance Claim

To Claim or Not to Claim??? The world of insurance can be financially life-saving depending on the outcome of a situation. It could also seem cruel if you don’t understand how the business of insurance works.   Daily, we are tasked with explaining to our amazing clients that it is in their best interests to carry...
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Tools and toolbox lying on flood damaged floor

Water Damage in the Home… What is covered?

What kinds of water damage are covered by my homeowner’s insurance policy?  Water damage that is considered “sudden and accidental” is usually covered (like a burst pipe). What is not covered is gradual damage. For instance, gradual water damage is not covered by a leaking bathroom sink that rotted out your subfloor. Another category that...
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