Recreational Vehicle Insurance

What is recreational vehicle insurance?

Do you love being outside? If so, chances are some of your favorite hobbies include operating recreational vehicles. This class of vehicle doesn’t just mean motor homes. By definition, recreational vehicles are any vehicles used for recreation, such as:

  • Golf carts, scooters, and segways
  • ATVs
  • Dune buggies
  • Motorcycles and dirt bikes
  • Snowmobiles
  • Campers, trailers, and travel trailers

Other vehicles technically fall under this umbrella, too, such as boats and yachts, but depending on our Insurance provider, those may fall under the umbrella of Watercraft liability.

What does it cover?

In some cases, your homeowners or auto insurance policy will cover recreational vehicles, but the coverage is often very basic and not adequate for most. Most recreational vehicle owners are dismayed to find out that a mishap that occurs during a weekend of fun isn’t covered under their traditional insurance.

  • Liability: If you cause damage to someone else’s property or held legally liable for damages caused, Liability coverage would provide you protection.
  • Medical Payments: Living on the edge and enjoying the great outdoors can be risky. Hopefully, nothing ever happens, but, if it does, your medical bills will be covered if you’re in an accident.
  • Collision: This coverage provides compensation for you, regardless of who’s at fault. If you ran into a guardrail that comes out of nowhere, collision coverage will apply.
  • Apparel and Equipment: Special equipment like helmets, goggles, and gear can be expensive to replace, and this type of coverage would help offset the cost.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This covers anything unexpected that doesn’t have to do with operating the vehicle. For example, fires, flood, vandalism or theft would be covered.
  • Legal Defense Costs: If you’re ever sued, your fees can be covered, and you can also collect a per diem to make up for lost wages and incurred daily expenses during a hearing or trial.

Why do I need it?

Since your traditional auto or home insurance policies may not cover recreational vehicle use, it’s important to make sure you’re protected. This type of insurance can provide superior protection, including total loss replacement coverage, emergency expenses, and towing.

Most of these vehicles are used for recreation and not every day, it makes sense to have a separate policy for them to distinguish how their use is different from the daily vehicle that you drive to work and use to run errands.

Our advice from years of experience is to expect the unexpected and be financially prepared for it. From a rocky path throwing you off your ATV to encountering Uninsured or irresponsible hobbyists on the road, you never know what can happen. The effects can be both devastating to both your body and your property and having adequate coverage can ease some of the burdens if the worst-case scenario happens.

Claim examples – How coverage works

One example of the power of this coverage is if you’re involved in an accident in your ORV (off-road vehicle) and you sustain a significant injury. While a typical homeowners policy won’t cover your medical cost, a Recreational Vehicle Insurance Policy with Medical Payments included will. Additional costs apply in most cases.

Why Click2bind for your recreational vehicle insurance?

As an independent agency, we have access to multiple carriers. We do all the research and comparison shopping for you, helping you lock in the most competitive prices while getting a plan that best fits your needs. We take a data-driven approach to find the perfect policy so that you have the coverage you need without paying for the things you don’t.

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